Who Can Request a Report from the Registers?

A natural person or a self-employed natural person who is of legal age and legally competent. If the applicant does not meet any of these conditions, their request will not be accepted. To verify the identity of the applicant, a valid ID card or passport is required. A foreign individual is required to prove their identity with a passport or a residence permit in Slovak Republic. A natural person can authorize representation in the process of applying for the service and related activities based on an officially certified power of attorney (forms). Personal documents are required from the representative to the same extent as from the natural person they represent. If the applicant is the legal representative of the client, some form of proof is required.

A legal entity can also request a statement from the registers and can be represented based on an officially certified power of attorney (forms). In such a case, you will also need this authorization (power of attorney) that allows you to act on behalf of the legal entity, if this information is not directly evident from the Commercial Register extract. If the legal entity is not registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic (www.justice.gov.sk), the applicant is obliged to submit, together with the request, an extract of data about the legal entity from the relevant register or from another record (in original or a certified copy), which must not be older than 3 months; after the request is processed, this extract will be returned to the applicant

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