What is found in a statement from the registres?

A statement from the register is a comprehensive source of information that contains negative, as well as positive, data on the overall payment morale and credit history of a particular person / loan applicant.

Identification data

The statement from the register begins with identification data. In the case of a non-entrepreneurial natural person, this would mean PERSONAL DATA: name, surname, residence, personal identification number and date of birth. Identifiers also include the code assigned to the subject in the register. If the entity were an entrepreneur, then identification data would also include company ID and VAT numbers.

Breakdown of all loan contracts

A statement from the register continues with a list of all credit contracts according to the type of operation and the phase they are currently in: from application to rejection, revocation, existence, and up until termination.

INSTALMENT OPERATIONS include personal and consumer loans, instalment purchases, mortgages, leases, etc.

In addition to cards, CREDIT CARD type operations also include a building savings loan or a revolving (automatically recurring) loan.

The Bank Register also records NON-REPAYMENT OPERATIONS, such as overdrafts and authorized debits. These products allow you to draw cash from your current account within the agreed limit and interest rate, even if you do not temporarily have the necessary amount of money in it.

Summary and details of liabilities by type of contract

The next section presents the monthly instalment SUM for all instalment contracts. These are then described in detail, including a 24-month repayment history. Other types of loan contracts, including summaries, are characterized in a similar way.

For detailed information on each individual contract, you can find, for example, the date of the last update, total loan amount, number and frequency of repayments, monthly payment amount, maximum amount owed, guarantee, subject of the loan and the worst negative status on the contract.


Summary of all applications

The last part contains an overview of all REQUESTS for the client and his role. That is, whether he applied for a loan himself or, for example, played the role of guarantor or co-applicant in the application.

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