What is a statement from the Joint Register of Bank Information and Client Information Non-Bank Register?

A statement from the registries is a comprehensive overview of all credit products you draw, have drawn during the past four years or are currently applying for. It also contains information about ordinary and extraordinary instalments, as well as information on overdue instalments, i. e., repayment that failed to meet pre-agreed repayment terms and other details about the parameters of your loans or applications.

Useful data for institutions and clients

A statement from the register is a useful document for both the client and the financial institution. If you apply for a loan, financial institutions verify your credibility. They examine whether you have provided all the required information truthfully and whether you have listed all of your commitments, loans and credit cards. Financial institutions have access to your statement from the register, which contains all of this information. Statements from the Joint Register of Bank Information and Client Information Non-Bank Register do not contain information about your income. They only have information about your liabilities.

Statements from registries serve as your memory

We are using more and more financial products – credit cards and leasing/consumer loans for the purchase of goods, as well as building savings loans and mortgages. There are often so many that we are not able to keep track of all of them. Statements from registries record this data for us.

Confirmation of financial conditions

A statement from the registry is a probe into your credit history. If it proves that you are repaying properly, and on time, you have a better chance of getting a loan than one who has repaid his obligations late or not at all. A statement from the register is proof of your payment soundness and a basis for successfully building your financial future. Be careful when working with financial institutions that do not utilize registry statements. This means they are not a participant in the Joint Register of Bank Information and Client Information Non-Bank Register registries and do not require a statement from these registries from you. They would hardly have a serious interest in repaying their loan.

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