What is a Report from CIBR and NBCIR?

A statement from the registers provides a comprehensive overview of all credit products you are utilizing or currently applying for. It also includes information about regular and irregular payments, details about payments made after the due date (in other words, payments that did not occur according to the pre-agreed repayment conditions), and other information regarding the parameters of your loans or applications.

Useful Data for Institutions and Clients

A statement from the registers is a valuable document for both the client and the financial institution. When you apply for a loan, financial institutions assess your credibility. They examine whether you have provided all the required information truthfully and whether you have disclosed all your commitments, loans, and credit cards. Financial institutions have access to your statement from the registers, which contains this information. Statements from the BRKI and NRKI registers do not contain information about your income, only about your liabilities.

The registry extract can be used as your memory

We use more and more financial products – credit cards, leasing and consumer loans, loans for the purchase of goods, loans from building savings or mortgages. Often there are so many that we are unable to keep track of them all. The statements of registers record this data for us.

Confirmation of Financial Condition

A statement from the registers offers insight into your credit history. If it demonstrates that you repay loans in a timely and proper manner, you have a better chance of obtaining a loan compared to someone who repays their obligations late or not at all. A statement from the registers is evidence of your payment reliability and serves as a foundation for successfully building your financial future. Be cautious when dealing with financial institutions that do not work with statements from the registers. If they are not a participant in one of the BRKI and NRKI registers and do not request a statement from the registers, they are unlikely to have a genuine interest in ensuring you can repay their loan.

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