What information is in credit bureaus?

In the Bank Client Information Registry (CIBR)

In addition to the client's identification information (i. e., name, surname, date of birth, personal identification number, place and country of birth, and address), CIBR also contains information indicating whether there has been or will be a contractual (credit) relationship between the client and the bank. It also includes personal information about the client's financial obligations that have arisen, will arise, or may arise towards the bank, such as the number of existing credit agreements, the amount of individual loans, repayments, repayment history, information on securing obligations, and more.

In the Non-Bank Client Information Registry (NBCIR)

For each individual or legal entity, the registries provide basic identification information such as name, personal identification number/tax identification number, and address. They also include information about the type of product used and how much the individual or legal entity repays or has repaid in the past. Specifically, this includes the number of credit agreements, the amounts of individual loans, and the amounts of regular repayments. The information also encompasses the repayment history of these obligations and details about their collateral. The registry also maintains a so-called positive credit history – indicating that the client repays their obligations properly and on time. Additionally, the registry contains information about whether a particular person is currently applying for any credit product.

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Joint report CIBR+NBCIR

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Increase your chance of getting a mortgage or loan by checking your information in Banking and Non-Banking registers and finding out your rating.

Report from CIBR

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Check your data regarding credit products and their repayment progress with banking institutions in the Banking Register.

Report from NBCIR

8 EUR/report

Check your information about financial obligations and the progress of their repayment with companies in the Non-Banking Register.

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