How to Request Correction of Inaccurate or False Information in Credit Registers?

Have you discovered that the information about you in the CIBR and NBCIR registers is incorrect, inaccurate, or incomplete? Please contact us with the completed request for correction of inaccurate or false information. You can find the forms HERE. How can you deliver your request to us?

  1. Online through the client zone of the moje-financie.sk portal
  2. In person at the CRIF Client Center (don't forget to bring your identification card; we cannot process your request without it)
  3. By post mail

Upon receiving your notification regarding the processing of false or inaccurate information in the registers, we will make every effort, in cooperation with the relevant financial institution, to rectify the situation as soon as possible. If it is not possible to rectify the situation, we will promptly eliminate the false or inaccurate information.

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