How to choose the right loan product?

There is no one-size-fits-all guide that could describe in a few sentences how to choose the ideal loan product. Much depends on the applicant's specific situation: how much money they need, for what purpose, what their current and future repayment options, collateral, and guarantees are. However, there are a few useful guidelines. Once you choose a suitable loan product for your purpose, seek recommendations from acquaintances or online for offers from several competing financial institutions. Try to compare them. Also, try to verify the reliability of a specific financial institution from multiple sources.

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Joint report CIBR+NBCIR

12 EUR/report

Increase your chance of getting a mortgage or loan by checking your information in Banking and Non-Banking registers and finding out your rating.

Report from CIBR

8 EUR/report

Check your data regarding credit products and their repayment progress with banking institutions in the Banking Register.

Report from NBCIR

8 EUR/report

Check your information about financial obligations and the progress of their repayment with companies in the Non-Banking Register.

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