How can you register?

Anyone interested in conveniently accessing their statement from the registers can utilize kolikmam.cz, but they must be a registered user. Registration is a mandatory condition, as statements contain sensitive personal data and it is necessary to verify the identity of the applicant. You can register with kolikmam.cz in the following ways.



The easiest way to register in the portal. You will gain access to the world of electronic services through your internet banking login details. You can access the services easily, securely, from anywhere and for free.

We currently have clients available for identification from AirBank, Česká spořitelna, ČSOB, Komerční banka and Moneta.

On-line identification is only possible for clients who have established a bank identity at the bank branch. It means, they establish account at the bank in person or later came at the bank branch and activated the BankID service. Unless you are sure, we recommend to check in your internet banking or at the bank branch.

 To register with a bank identity, click HERE.

Registration in the portal can be realized through the Banking Identity only when you buy some of the offered services.



a. fill in the form

First, it is necessary to fill in the online registration form. If you have a foreign nationality, you need to send an application that has an officially verified signature. You will attach the scanned application with an officially verified signature to the online form.

• the form in the online version can be found HERE. When choosing the delivery method, you choose to send it by post and we will send you the contracts to be signed.

 • You can also complete the registration form in person at the Client Center. You can register to the portal on hold.

 b. we will send you the contract for signing

Because this is sensitive personal information, we need to verify your identity. Based on the completed form, we will send you the contract the same way you sent them to us.

  BY POST – we will send the contract directly to you by registered mail. Czech Post employees will verify your identity. Then send one of the signed contracts to us using the reply envelope that came with the contracts we had sent you.

DATA BOX (R4QDCBE) – If you had sent us a data message with a registration request, we will send you the contracts to be signed by a data box. You must be the owner of this data box. If you are a legal entity, and not one of the partners or executive directors, we will send the contracts back to you by post in order to comply with the condition of verifying the identity of the applicant.


c. return of the signed agreeement and account activation 

As soon as we receive the contracts signed by you, we will send you verification data by e‑mail for the first login to the portal. The registration process may seem complicated, but keep in mind that this primarily protects your personal information.


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2 EUR / query
  • Executions of individuals and legal entities
  • The first query verifies whether the person in question is in the database
  • You will then find out the details of a possible execution

An online account gives you quick access to all services

You will have online access to all listings and services after registering at the portal. Everything can be carried out easily from the comfort of your own home or office.