Be cautious of additional loans and suspicious creditors

Under no circumstances should you succumb to the temptations of untrustworthy debt relief companies – not all of them have your best interests at heart. Also, refrain from taking out another loan to cover unpaid debts. Both of these solutions will only deepen the debt trap you've fallen into. In any case, seek advice from one of the financial distress counseling services, or other useful organizations that provide free guidance and assistance. We certainly don't wish a burdensome insolvency situation upon you. Nevertheless, below we explain a few terms you may come across.

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Joint report CIBR+NBCIR

12 EUR/report

Increase your chance of getting a mortgage or loan by checking your information in Banking and Non-Banking registers and finding out your rating.

Report from CIBR

8 EUR/report

Check your data regarding credit products and their repayment progress with banking institutions in the Banking Register.

Report from NBCIR

8 EUR/report

Check your information about financial obligations and the progress of their repayment with companies in the Non-Banking Register.

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